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 S-Social skills

                        P-Physical Fitness



                                               T-Team Work

                                                      S-Stress Tolerance


Sport is very important in our life. It is popular among people of all ages because it helps them to keep fit. Many people who go in for sports have a lot of advantages in comparison with those who don’t like sport. Sports is important for success in every walks of our life. Games and sports include all outdoor and indoor games. Sports is an important aspect of life nowadays. Sports keep us healthy and fit. It offers us a change from day to day life activites. Sports improves our mental strength and keeps us fit. Sports and games give us opportunity to grow in life mentaly and physically.

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During sports we come to learn many new things.  It make us learn how to tackle the difficult situation. Sports develop a sense of friendliness among us. It develops  team spirit in us. It helps in developing mental and physical toughness. It improves our efficiency. Either study or work alone makes us exhaust. So sports is  necessary in our life. Every one should always play a sport once  a week to keep themselves fit and fine.

Sports are integral part of education. Education without sports is incomplete. Keeping their value in life, Students are taught various games in  very early stage in school. So sports competition are held in schools and college level. Those students who peform well are promoted to play at national and international level. Sports can be a carrier developing option for many students.


Importance of Sports

  • They are a good exercise and help build fine physique .It makes us mentally alert and physically strong.
  • We learn to cope with difficult situations.
  • Sports are good diversion for students and gives them energy to learn lessons.


There goes a good proverb which says—”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy“.

Nowsdays sports is good means of earning. The sports person who does well in sports gets good fame and money. He becomes a hero overnight with the advent of various leagues like Indian Premier League in Cricket,Indian Super League in Football and Pro kabbadi league in kabbadi  as local players get chance to play with lot of international players. Sports are good means of earnings for many people.

There are 2 types of Sports Indoor and Outdoor Games. In Indoor games are played inside a house eg-table tennis,snookerand carrom etc and outdoor are played at a grounds eg-cricket,football and hockey etc.


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